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posted by shelly on Jun 11

Question by ? Stef Still Knows How To Cry: I don’t get how lawyer ads say not a cent charged unless they win your case…please explain!!?
Some ads even say that lawyers will come to you if you can’t go to them if you’re hurt….i mean it sounds too good to be true. What if they don’t win the case…..then they’ve worked for FREE??

i want to understand this….please help?? THANKS

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Answer by tonalc2
These are personal injury lawyers who know how to work the system/insurance companies to get settlements. They know that companies set aside a reserve that they’re willing to pay for a lawsuit, then they offer a small percentage of that. Because of that, these lawyers tend to win their cases.

And since they take anywhere from 30% to 60% of the settlement, they can afford to lose the occasional case.

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posted by shelly on Jun 10

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posted by shelly on Jun 8

Question by Lady: Does my lawyer have to pay my medical bills from my personal injury case settlement?
Just settled a personal injury case, and part of the settlement will be used to pay medical bills. My lawyer said his office will send the payment. Is this common and can I pay the bills myself?

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Answer by Pointing at you!
Yes, very common. If he is going to do it, why would you want to bother with it.

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posted by shelly on Jun 6

Question by : Question Regarding Personal Injury Attorneys?
This question is for actual practicing/retired attorneys:

Do attorneys have any respect for guys/gals who handle personal injury cases, or are they considered the laughing stock/bottom of the barrel when it comes to internal heirarchy within the legal profession?

My perception of personal injury attornies (right or wrong) is that of dirtbag ambulance chasers who carry around neck braces and successfully sue McDonald’s for $ 250K because some dumb lady burnt her lip on a hot cup of coffee due to the fact there was no label warning her that coffee was designed to be hot.

Thanks in advance for your honest opinion/feedback.

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Answer by bugs
Yep. You’ve got it right. But I think the worst ones are the mesothelioma lawyers who take 40% of a dying patient’s settlement just for filling out a bunch of forms to tap into an existing fund. The average out-of-court settlement is about $ 1 million, and if they sue, it’s closer to $ 6 million. Totally disgusting.

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posted by shelly on Jun 4

Question by Jon Doe: attorney and lawyers payment?
I know i need an attorney and lawyer if i sue a company but if i cant pay the attorney and lawyer would i have to pay contingency

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Answer by lucy
As a general rule, contingency lawyers are used with personal injury. Which means, if you win, both you and lawyer gets paid a settlement and if you lose, you owe nothing.

Most of the time, when you hire a lawyer, they will have you on retainer, meaning they will ask that you pay a certain amount based on the time they expect they will use in this lawsuit. This means, every time they talk on the telephone with you or the other party, write papers or other legal briefs, it gets charged against the retainer based on their hourly rate. With a retainer, they “may” allow you to make a down payment towards the retainer, or ask for all of it up front.

Most lawyers will give you 1 free consultation for your legal rights. At that time, the lawyer should be able to determine if your case is winnable, or if not, suggest you move on.

You don’t state what you are suing a company for and with any company most of them either have lawyers employed at that company or hire out, so it can be costly in a lawsuit.

Only a real lawyer can tell you your options.

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posted by shelly on Jun 2

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posted by shelly on May 30

Question by luvo: how do I become a lawyer in California?
I have associates degree(community college)
(1)What are requirements to become a lawyer?(felony?education?age?)
(2)Law school mandatory?
(3)how long does it take?(years?)
(4)expensive?(How much average)?
Any other advice?

I live about 15 miles south of downtown Los angeles.
My community college gpa was 3.0.
Is that enough?

Any good law schooll?
Do they have financial aid?
Best way to graduate from law school?

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Answer by Vegalawyer
I am a San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer. You should visit some of the links I cited for information on becoming an attorney. I always advise people to test out a few areas of law b/f or during law school to make sure that is something you’ll like to do. Try is out, whether it be personal injury law, employment law, accident law (car, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents) or cor prate law etc.,

The following link will give details about the requirements to becoming a lawyer

Here’s an excerpt from that link:

“To be admitted to practice law in California, an applicant must:
1. Complete the necessary general education;
2. Register with the Committee of Bar Examiners as a law student or attorney applicant;
3. Complete the requisite legal education;
4. File an application to take the First-Year Law Students’ Examination and pass, or establish exemption from the examination;
5. File an application to take the bar examination and after eligibility has been confirmed, take and pass the examination;
6. File an application for a moral character determination and receive a positive moral character determination from the Committee of Bar Examiners;
7. File an application, take the Multi state Professional Responsibility Examination and achieve a minimum scaled score as determined by the Committee of Bar Examiners, which examination is administered and graded by the National Conference of Bar Examiners; and,
8. Be in compliance with California court ordered child or family support obligations.”

Most law school require a 4 year degree and taking an LSAT. The LSAT is a required test. The LSAT is very important to most school so make sure you practice before taking it. A list of average applicant LSAT scores for law schools is found in US.

Most people have to take loans out to pay for school which can be expensive. Law school lasts 3 years if done full-time or 4 if done part-time.

As for felonies, that could become an issue for financial aid and passing moral charact requirements.

Good Luck

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posted by shelly on May 30

Question by Will D: Good places to submit a lawyer website?
I need help! I created a website for a lawyer and need to know the best places to submit his site. He is a personal injury lawyer. I did the regular submissions in yahoo, msn and google and now looking for other places such as portals, legal directories or other legal websites. I’m really not looking to spend a lot of money if any. All recommendations would be appreciated.

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Answer by Marie
I know there is There are lots of attorneys on or

His website should be on every piece of marketing that he does. That will also help drive people to his website.

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posted by shelly on May 28

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posted by shelly on May 24

Question by DONNA G: How much should I resonably ask for a personal injury claim?
I was in a accident(not my fault) with my 2 kids 3 months ago. First off this was very nerve racking because my 5 yearold son has brain cancer and his skull is not solid due to brain surgeries. The car was hit on his side of course. Anyway, minus that stress the adjuster handeling my car refused to put new parts on my car (it was only 11mos old) and got mad at the body shop so also refused anymore than 3 days of a rental car. Those were his exact words. Basically I had to file a claim with my own insurance company. I am know discussing my personal injury claim with another adjuster from his insurance company. I know I probably shouldn’t settle now but it is almost impossible for me to get to the dr. And now she is telling me she will not pay my husbands lost wages for staying home with my kids for the 4 days I did go. My husband works for the railroad so he does not get an hourly wage, and if he takes off he can not go back for 12-24 hours. He makes about $ 300 a day. What should I do?

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Answer by joeleegoss
get a lawyer

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