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posted by shelly on Apr 29

I bought a car at the pa auto auction asis. No substantial defects we disclose. Within a few miles it broke down. The engine MUST be replaced. I keep hearing I can go get my money back but no one really has an answer. Im not saying it was a smart idea I know. Im looking for an answer please criticism isnt hard to find thanxx
There are lemon laws for asis cars…its 2010. They vary from state to state. Pennslyvania has one but the legal jargon and figures go over my head. Can someone explain them.

posted by shelly on Apr 26

I have always had an interest in being a pediatrician and i have told others that thats what im going to be when i grow up but the thing is when i took a test today and it asked me something about the law i automatically new the answer. Being a lawyer has run in my family those who were lawyers were great defense lawyers at that. Can anyone tell me how to decide or give your opinions on the topic?