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Cleveland Injury Lawyer | 1-800-365-0001 | Personal Injury Attorney in Cleveland Ohio If you’ve been injured and someone else is at fault, remember this number……
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California Lemon Law - Get Rid of Your Lemon – Our California Lemon Law Attorneys will fight for you and get your Money Back! 1.888.395.3666.
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At a recent press conference, Assemblywoman Harkey called for support of her new bill AB 1455 which would stop spending on California’s high-speed rail proje…
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posted by shelly on May 28 reviews some of the common issues and questions related to hiring a criminal defense lawyer in your area. If you a…
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A few nice criminal defense lawyers images I found:

Nugget Magazine (December 1962) …item 2.. Ex-Merritt Island attorney starts 180-day jail sentence (12:41 PM, Sep 14, 2012) …item 2.. Berkley law students charged for decapitating and tossing around exotic bird’s body at Vegas casino 27 December 2012
criminal defense lawyers

Image by marsmet551
“You cannot steal over 0,000 and not go to prison. Particularly when it’s an attorney, someone who has been trusted to help these people.”

Judge Charlie Crawford said it was in the best interest of the victims to have Menyhart repay the restitution and ordered the 180 days jail time, which can be served on weekends.

……..*****All images are copyrighted by their respective authors ……..

Cheney Mason made the gesture and allegedly grabbed his breasts with both hands after the verdict on Tuesday in an unapologetic display many have slammed as inappropriate considering the serious nature of the case.

… Money Speaks Loud In Any Languages

…..item 1)…. website … … Richie’s Fried Beer

The most interesting news of the day!

Casey Anthony’s lawyer faces disciplinary action for bringing the profession into disrepute after he stuck his middle finger up at spectators while celebrating his court victory with a lavish champagne party.

Cheney Mason made the gesture and allegedly grabbed his breasts with both hands after the verdict on Tuesday in an unapologetic display many have slammed as inappropriate considering the serious nature of the case.

The defence team were seen downing drinks as they watched reaction to their client being found not guilty of brutally murdering her two-year-old child Caylee in a bar just minutes from the courtroom.

img code photo…AP photo…..Cheney Mason made the gesture…


Appropriate? Defense attorney Cheney Mason makes an obscene gesture

A Florida attorney has filed a Bar complaint against Cheney Mason, who he said has brought the profession into disrepute.

In the complaint, lawyer John Thompson said that Mr Mason violated Bar rules for ‘Maintaining the integrity of the profession’.


…Casey’s ready to let her hair down again: Judge jails her for FOUR years… but she will be free in just a few WEEKS
…‘I want to have more children… and I’d like to adopt’: Secret prison letters reveal Casey Anthony’s shocking plans as she prepares to walk free

Jurors cried and felt ‘sick to their stomachs’ as they cleared Casey Anthony reveals jury member

‘The Bar’s current regulatory policy is that even actions by lawyers in a private setting that reflect poorly on the profession are disciplinable. This was an obscene activity in a public setting,’ he wrote.

Mr Mason was in court this morning for Anthony’s sentencing hearing, but did not comment on the complaint.

Stunned onlookers gasped and shouted abuse to protest the scenes on Tuesday, while high-profile commentators were clearly outraged, with one comparing the scenes to the work of the devil.

The sensational acquittal of Casey Anthony after a dramatic six-week trial has stunned America, with angry spectators comparing the trial’s outcome
…..item 2)…. Florida Today …

Ex-Merritt Island attorney starts 180-day jail sentence
12:41 PM, Sep 14, 2012

Merritt Island attorney sentenced to jail: Andrew Menyhart, a Merritt Island attorney, was sentenced Friday morning to 190 days in jail and handed over 100,000 as restitution for six victims. By Stacey Barchenger Posted Sept. 14, 2012

Written by
Stacey Barchenger

Local News…|topnews|text|Home

A former Merritt Island attorney was taken into custody this morning to start serving a 180-day jail sentence after a court found him guilty of stealing more than 0,000 from his clients.

AAttorneys will also turn over 0,000 in cashier’s checks from Andrew Menyhart, 44, to the Clerk of Courts as restitution to the six victims.

Assistant State Attorney Kerri Fowler said the crimes deserved prison.

“They hired him, they trusted him and he stole from them. He blatantly stole from them,” Fowler said.

“You cannot steal over 0,000 and not go to prison. Particularly when it’s an attorney, someone who has been trusted to help these people.”

img code photo … Andrew Menyhart, 44…

Andrew Menyhart, 44, worked as a personal injury attorney when court documents show he spent settlement money after crashes or estate cases — money that should have gone to his clients — on himself. / Booking photo


Judge Charlie Crawford said it was in the best interest of the victims to have Menyhart repay the restitution and ordered the 180 days jail time, which can be served on weekends.

The plea agreement was between Menyhart and the judge. Greg Eisenmenger, the attorney for Menyart, said his client now works for his family business manufacturing plastics and will continue to pay ,000 a month in restitution until he’s paid the money he stole in full.

“Neither I nor Mr. Menyhart would every try to justify his actions,” Eisenmenger said.
Crawford gave Menyhart a stern warning that, should he violate terms of his six years of probation, he could face a long prison term.

Menyhart was charged with six felony counts of grand theft in 2009, and the case has lingered in court since. Court documents show that Menyhart stole insurance money meant for his clients in estate settlement cases and after crash

Contact Barchenger at 321-242-3669, or follow at
…..item 2)…. Mail Online … Daily Mail … Berkley law students charged for decapitating and tossing around exotic bird’s body at Vegas casino

… Justin Teixeira, 24, has been charged with felony killing and felony torturing of an animal
… Eric Cuellar, 24, is charged with instigating, engaging in or furthering an act of animal cruelty.
… Witnesses say both students chased the bird into some trees before returning with its severed body and laughing

PUBLISHED: 18:17 EST, 27 December 2012 | UPDATED: 18:18 EST, 27 December 2012…

Charges have been filed against two law school students accused of decapitating an exotic bird at a Las Vegas casino before playfully throwing around its severed body to the horror witnesses.
Justin Teixeira, 24, has been charged with felony killing and felony torturing of an animal while Eric Cuellar, 24, faces a misdemeanour charge of instigating, engaging in or furthering an act of animal cruelty.
Police say the students at the University of California, Berkley, were witnessed laughing and throwing around the body of the dead, 14-year-old guineafowl at the Flamingo resort-casino last October.

img code photo … Eric Cuellar…

Charged: From left Eric Cuellar, and Justin Teixeira, both 24, are charged with killing an exotic bird at the Flamingo resort-casino last October before playfully tossing around its severed head

Police Handout


img code photo … Justin Teixeira…

Charged: From left Eric Cuellar, and Justin Teixeira, both 24, are charged with killing an exotic bird at the Flamingo resort-casino last October before playfully tossing around its severed head

Police Handout


‘I (expletive) killed wildlife,’ Teixeira said, according to a report by witnesses obtained by
The large bird named Turk was part of the Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat, a garden area with ponds and streams that houses many types of birds.

‘This was a cruel and malicious act,’ Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson said in a statement, adding that an investigation is ongoing and could result in criminal charges against others. ‘It is important to hold people accountable for their actions.’

Surveillance video captured the men chasing the bird into some trees, authorities said, and witnesses told police the two emerged carrying the bird’s body and severed head.

Richard Schonfeld, an attorney representing Cuellar, said he was pleased prosecutors opted for a lesser charge for his client with the student on track academically to become an attorney himself.

‘Eric has an exemplary background and I’m pleased the DA chose to proceed with a misdemeanour,’ said Schonfeld, whose client faces up to six months in jail if convicted. ‘It’s an acknowledgement that he did not physically harm the bird.’

img code photo … helmeted guinea fowl…

Decapitated: The large African bird was a 14-year-old helmeted guinea fowl named Turk seen on video surveillance being chased by the men into trees before emerging severed (file photo)

Wikipedia Commons


If convicted on all charges, Teixeira could be sentenced to prison time. His attorney did not immediately return a message seeking comment on Thursday afternoon.

Criminal charges – especially felonies – can affect a person’s future in the legal field. The State Bar of California, for example, requires applicants to demonstrate good moral character.

A statement on the bar’s website notes that people convicted of violent felonies or felonies involving moral turpitude ‘are presumed not to be of good moral character in the absence of a pardon or a showing of overwhelming reform and rehabilitation.’

Gina Greisen, the president of Nevada Voters for Animals and an advocate for the state’s newly passed, tougher law against animal cruelty, said those potential consequences are appropriate.

img code photo … the Flamingo Hotel – Las Vegas…

Police scene: Police were called to the Flamingo Hotel around 9.30am on October 12 arresting the two men whom police said didn’t appear to be on any drugs

PictureNet / CORBIS


‘I don’t think you should get to be a lawyer if you do something like that,’ Greisen said. ‘If you are lucky enough to be a Berkeley law student, you know you have to be above reproach in a lot of ways.’

‘According to the security people, the men were laughing and joking about the fact of what they had done,’ Sgt. John Sheahan of Metro Police told KLAS immediately after the incident on October 12.
Police said they didn’t believe drugs were involved.

‘Security had allegedly seen these men chasing the bird into a brushy treed area of that habitat and then coming out of that area with the bird in two pieces,’ said Sgt Sheahan.

Witnesses also supported security’s claim.

The Letter
criminal defense lawyers

Image by Viewminder
I’d been standing outside of the courtroom in that suit for hours.

It was the only suit I’d owned.

I was really starting to hate that suit.

I wore it for my wedding, a bunch of funerals, too many trials and through my divorce.

I promised myself I was gonna burn it after the divorce was finalized.

I never wanted to wear that suit again.

Ditching it, I thought… it might cleanse me of the residue of this whole sordid series of events.

The whole thing made me feel so dirty.

Burning that suit would be a personal symbol of me opening a new chapter in my life.

Nobody knew who I was out there in the hallway and I was pretty grateful that it spared me from any small talk.

There were none of those courtroom artists who make pastel sketches for the news like at the first trial.

I remembered how that hit me… when I saw that there were three people sitting in the courtroom to sketch my wife’s first trial for the television news…

you know you’re in a world of shit when they come to ‘sketch’ your trial.

The media was never leaked information about this lawsuit… and against my better judgement I kept it quiet… Blake made that call… which I think was a mistake because it really was the media all along that made things happen… but it was nice not to have to deal with them right now.

I wanted to focus on what I had to say on that stand.

I wanted to stay sharp and honed like a razor for the combat I knew I was about to find myself engaged in.

This was gonna get ‘intellectually twisty.’

They were gonna try and destroy me on that stand and I knew it.

The Mole must’ve told me that a thousand times already.

My wife’s attorney was starting to see it too.

I was standing in the corridor by the big darkly stained and worn wooden doors of the courthouse when I heard the muffled words ‘the defense calls Mr. View Minder.’

A split second later my wife’s attorney Blake straight arms both doors open with a really pissed off look on his face.

I noticed that he was sweating and I’d never seen that before.

He looked nervous too.

Blake was a kick ass lawyer… he won the biggest lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department in history… for something like twenty eight million dollars… he specialized in cases of police misconduct and he was a big defender of civil rights.

The guy believed in the constitution and I really admired him.

He was always usually calm and collected… the guy was the definition of cool… I can’t remember ever have seeing him display any emotion.

Seeing him emotional right now… I guess that alarmed me.

For some reason I turned around and walked the other way… away from the doors to the courtroom.

Blake kinda caught up with me and put his arm around my shoulder…

He used his arm to slow down my flight and he stopped me there in the corridor and turned me to face him and the courtroom doors.

It seemed from the look on his face that he’d come to accept what he’d rejected for so many months in preparing for this trial.

I had told Blake that he wasn’t so much arguing a case in a lawsuit for the damages that my wife sustained in what they said was her false arrest at the Super Store that night… I told him that they were fighting what I did.

They were trying to slaughter the ‘whistle-blower.’

Blake looked me in the eyes with both of his hands on my shoulders now… the kind of grip that someone lays on you when they want to be sure that you understand what they’re saying… and he took in a deep breath.

The kind of breath somebody takes when they’re gonna give you some really bad news.

Between the grip and the breath I knew I was fucked.

Like when the doctor gives you that look right before he says ‘we’ve done all that we can do.’

I knew what he had to say was really gonna be bad and I tried to prepare myself mentally.

‘I don’t know what you did to these people’ he said as he spun me towards the doors of the courtroom… ‘but you are walking into your own execution here… you’re about to be crucified man.’

God… you never want to hear your attorney say those words to you.

It was obvious that he’d conceded the case to loss and he conceded it based on what he figured was gonna happen when I got up on that stand.

He knew what was coming.

Blake pulled open one of the big heavy doors and sort of began to push me through it…

‘Don’t fight’ it he said… ‘and it will be much easier on you’ and he gave me that wink and that look that said ‘let it go… and go peacefully… blade of grass deeply rooted.’


I felt like I’d just been sentenced to death.

Blake made sure that he timed the completion of that statement with his final push of my body into the courtroom so that there was no possibility of me replying.

He really pissed me off with that statement and the way that he said it.

I was mad… because all along I’d told him that the case was gonna head in this direction… I knew it… I knew these people now… I’d seen their playbook.

By the time he realized that I was right it all seemed too late.

The case seemed lost.

I took the chair in the witness stand one very pissed off man.

I wasn’t even afraid anymore.

Pure adrenaline was pumping through my veins where blood was circulating only moments ago.

Fuck Blake and his ‘don’t fight it shit’ I thought.

I wanted this fight.

I’d waited for this fight.

I waited for this fight for a long time.

I was gonna fight it.

And I was gonna fight it hard.

If the case was lost I was gonna fight even harder because I knew that in the grand scheme of things this was just the opening salvo in what was gonna be the mother of all legal battles.

And I was the guy that started it.

They didn’t care if they hadda give my wife a million bucks…

the goal was to destroy me.

That’s what would help them down the line.

I was sorry that Blake seemed to misread the whole thing but the way I figured it… now was my time to show ‘em what I was made of.

This was my time to shine.

This was my time to throw a few punches instead take ‘em like a punching bag.

I leaned forward in that seat and thought ‘bring it on.’

Slipping on my ‘mental brass knuckles’ was what I visualized.

I was ready.

I was ready to kick some ass.

When the defense brought out that letter… the one I’d emailed to the Chief of Police the month after my wife was arrested… as soon as the defense’s attorney asked me to read it to the jury from the stand, Blake objected.

He and I, the defense attorney and the judge went back into the judges chambers and discussed the legal merits of the letter I’d written and signed with my name.

I never denied sending that letter.

In fact, I was kind of proud of it.

I sent it to the Chief of Police to let him know not only how I’d felt about the whole case against my wife and what they’d done to my family, but how I knew that I had his ‘nuts in the nutcracker and I wasn’t gonna let go until he did the right thing.’

Which was to drop the bullshit charges against my wife and have those officers apologize to my kids.

That’s what I’d wanted all along was an apology.

Blake always hated when I said that.

‘I don’t work for ‘apologies’, I do this for money’ he’d say.

I wanted the police to right a wrong and make it up to my kids.

It really pissed me off that they were afraid of the cops now.

When the judge read the letter in his chambers he took a couple of those ‘oh boy’ gasps.

He seemed to be a decent guy.

He reminded me of my grandpa and in my head I liked to think that he saw the honor in what I was doing, the decency in the fight that I fought.

‘Mistuh Viewminder’ he began… almost inhaling as he spoke the words… ‘in my fifty years on the bench I have nevah… evah seen such a horrible letter written to any public official.’

‘This lettah is so bad that I’m afraid that if I allow the jury to even see it that it would only be predjudicial… that means that this lettah is so bad that if the jury were to see it I think it would make your wife lose her case’ the judge remarked with a confounded shake of his head.

Then he looked at the attorneys… givin’ them that ‘whaddaya wanna do look.’

The defense wanted the letter brought in to show that I’d contacted a witness in the case before the criminal trial against my wife.

Several of them in fact.

The Mole had ‘accidentally’ forwarded me a copy of one of those funny chain emails that just happened to have the email of just about everybody in the department on it.

So I thought I’d send a few of the officers some Christmas wishes if you know what I mean.

Some people might be inclined to call that ‘witness tampering’ but I liked to think of it as just ‘venting.’

The defense was not shy about trying to say that I was blackmailing the Chief of Police.

Maybe I was.

If telling a guy that if he doesn’t do ‘the right thing’ that you’re gonna squeeze his balls until they pop is blackmail… then indeed I was guilty.

I didn’t tell him what the ‘right thing’ to do was… I mean I knew that’d be crossing a line.

‘The right thing’ was up to him to decide… although I was pretty specific about squeezing his nuts in a nutcracker until they popped.

I preferred to think that the letter really showed just how dedicated that I was to the pursuit of justice in this case and for my family.

I swear his honor wanted to laugh as he pondered my audacity in even writing the letter but he struggled not to and he maintained the decorum of the court even though we were still in his chambers.

The judge came up with a pretty good solution.

We would black out every line of the letter… all that stuff about me squeezin’ the Chief’s balls until they popped and the like and that we’d leave the part that said ‘Dear Chief Hot Dog… and black out all of the body of the letter except for the part where I wrote ‘have a merry Christmas’ and signed it ‘View Minder.’

That way the defense could prove I’d tried to ‘tamper with a witness’ and all that juicy stuff about nutcrackin’ wouldn’t reflect poorly on my wife’s case.

Blake seemed relieved at this compromise and the defense attorney seemed pissed.

I would have really liked to have had the opportunity to have read that letter to the jury.

Even there I’d fantasized about how I would have read it with ‘feeling’ and verve.

I would have read it like I was reading the Emancipation Proclamation.

Unfortunately that was not to be.

We’d been in chambers for about a half hour and when we’d come out the jury looked sleepy and bored as hell.

The defense’s tactic was sound… bore the jury to death with technicalities, objections and conferences in the judges chambers and they’ll really begin to resent even being there.

I took my seat on the witness stand, adjusted my tie and tried to think of that ‘blade of grass deeply rooted.’

The defense attorney handed me the letter and asked if I wrote it.

I admitted that I did without hesitation.

She asked me to read the letter to the jury.

I read them the first line… ‘Dear Chief Hot Dog’… then I told them that the judge had us black out the body of the letter because he said it wasn’t relevant… and I read the signoff… ‘have a merry Christmas, Viewminder.’

The jury only returned puzzled and quizzical looks.

The defense attorney asked me if I knew that the Chief of Police was a ‘witness’ in the case.

I told her that since there was no crime commited, that there couldn’t be any ‘witness”

It went around and around and I wasn’t gonna let her corner me like that.

By the time it was over she would accuse me of ‘witness tampering’ and ‘manufacturing evidence.’

When she accused me of ‘manufacturing evidence’ I fought back hard… I almost stood up on the stand… I raised my voice and pointed right at her… I actually asked her a couple of times ‘which media outlet used those numbers?’

Blake told me over dinner that night that he’d never seen a witness get away with questioning an attorney like that from the witness stand… and the judge let it go… he really couldn’t believe it.

He admitted that before I went up there he’d figured that the case was lost.

But he was impressed by my testimony and he still saw some hope.

The defense attorney who was questioning me on the stand seemed shaken by my will to go head to head with her like that.

It seemed to get her flustered to lose her point in that way and I was excused from the stand.

‘No further questions’ she’d said.

Right at the point where her attack on me and my character was supposed to crescendo she fizzled.

My wife’s attorney was smiling and he gave me ‘the nod’ as I walked past him on the way out of the courtroom.

That the judge said that what I’d written was the worst letter he’d ever seen on his fifty years on the bench indicated to me that he’d never seen the letter that the Illinois EPA wrote to the village in 1986.

The one where they told the Old Man that the village’s drinking water well was contaminated with a very toxic cancer causing chemical called vinyl chloride.

Nor did the judge see the letter that the village wrote back to the Illinois EPA that year… the one that said ‘we will stop using this well to provide drinking water for the residents of the village and keep this well online as a backup well only.’

That letter and the lie that I exposed behind it was the worst letter I’d ever seen written.

It might not have been relevant in this case…

But it was relevant to the thousands of people in that village who had no idea that they’d been drinking poisoned water for twenty one years until I told them.

It was relevant to all those people who had unexplainable cases of cancer and other health maladies from drinking that water.

It was even more relevant to the families of those that died.

The people I believe were murdered.

John McSweeney House
criminal defense lawyers

Image by dok1
I find it interesting to learn something about the folks who lived in the houses that are on the Natonal Register of Historic Places. I took the photo of the house built in 1953 during our summer evening visit to Wooster.

An excerpt from an article in the Wooster Record is an example:

"By 1865, McSweeney’s reputation both as a civil and criminal lawyer resulted in his practice extending first to neighboring counties, and then across the nation. He was soon handling major cases throughout a geographic area that extended from Chicago to New York City. Between 1868 and 1878 McSweeney was employed in nearly all of the major criminal trials in northern Ohio, working primarily on the side of the defense.

" Financially successful, McSweeney built a palatial home in Wooster that still stands on North Market Street across from City Hall. Here he entertained at least three United States presidents and countless luminaries over the years."

National Register information
StatusPosted to the National Register of Historic Places on July 30, 1974 Reference number74001649 NR nameMcSweeney, John, House Area of significancePolitics/Government Level of significanceLocal Evaluation criteriaB – Person Property typeBuilding Historic functionSingle dwelling Current functionBusiness Periods of significance1875-1899; 1850-1874 Significant year1853



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Supporting Local Arvada Lawyers in the community! Check here and Explore Arvada and the Local People that invest in our communi… personal injury law firms in houston tx.

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Check out these criminal defense lawyers images:

15 July 2009 03
criminal defense lawyers

Image by Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
International defense lawyer Francois Roux during trial proceeding at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia at 15 July 2009. The accused, Mr. Kaing Guek Eav alis Duch in the background.
The photo can be used freely by media provided that the photo is credited "Courtesy of Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia". More info at

15 July 2009 04
criminal defense lawyers

Image by Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
To the left: International defense lawyer Francois Roux during trial proceeding at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia at 15 July 2009. The accused, Mr. Kaing Guek Eav alis Duch in the background. To the right: National defense lawyer Mr. KAR Savuth.
The photo can be used freely by media provided that the photo is credited "Courtesy of Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia". More info at

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Question by John D: What are some good web directories to submit my website to? I am a family lawyer and want to get some traffic?
I am just starting out so a free legal directory would be great. I practice family law in Ellicott City MD if that helps. I would like to cover all my areas of law including divorce, separation, child custody, mediation. A free legal directory to submit to would be great.

Best answer:

Answer by Mark
There are a couple of places you can submit to I believe.
Try submitting your website to
It is a free legal search engine which is pretty much the same thing as a legal directory. You may be able to submit to your local and state bar association as well.
Most legal directories such as Nolo, Findlaw, and usually charge a monthly fee for a 1 year commitment. If it is less than $ 40/month, it might not be a bad deal. Also, I would see if you can do some link swapping with some other lawyers that your refer business to in Ellicott City such as bankruptcy, criminal, estate planning, real estate, etc.
I think you can also list on for free and some of the yellow pages provide legal directories.

What do you think? Answer below!

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A few nice law firms images I found:

law firms

Image by The West End
A close-up shot of the window of the law firm.

Jug of leeches at the Spice Bazaar
law firms

Image by testastretta-999
In the U.S. we’d call this a ‘law firm’

law firms

Image by lacarita
A statue of a Razorback outside a law firm downtown. It’s decked out for the holidays with a wreath and is now covered with the first snowfall of the winter.

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Question by tiffthejiffballa: Can i sue this buy trade sell vehicle place?
i bought a car “as is” from a buy sell trade dealer, putting 400 dollars down on january 4th of this year. exactly one month later i take it to their recommended machanics and my oil was leaking from the tailpipe. which means the motor is blown. at first the dealer said i would have to pay the 512 dollars to fix the car and they would push my first payment up another 2 weeks (i pay my payments biweekly). i refused to pay that much when my payments are only 151 every 2 weeks. so they decided to force me into a truck i didnt really want. they said they only reason i had to get it is because they didnt have anything as a “starter car” that day and i had to get a vehical as soon as possible. the man that was forcing me into this truck was not only rude but it was obvious he did not care about how unhappy i was. he promised to put gas in the truck when i got it to equal how much gas id bought and how much oil i had put in the car before the motor was blown. he ended up putting maybe a gallon of gas in the truck and lied verbally about how many miles were on it. i had asked the man that had sold me the car if i could just get my deposit or the money i had paid forth on the car back and go somewhere else and they refused to do that as well. Well, the man that sold me the truck took his time making my girlfriend an hour late for work, which he knew about. also it was after 5 when we finished the paperwork on the truck and he had me drive the car off the lot without insurance. my insurance company closes at 5. i live almost an hour away from there and had no choice but to drive with no insurance. the man was taking his time, on the phone with family/friends and completely rude about the whole situation. after getting gas in the truck, the man slammed the door like it was a big deal to put a max of 4 dollars of gas in the truck. but also when i first looked at the truck the passangers side door would open from the inside, when he got back from the gas station it did not. The dealer techniqually sold me a lemon the first time but in the state of arkansas (where i live) an “as is” car can not be considered on the lemon law. is there any other way i could sue this company? also the day i was at the automotive place to see how much to fix the first car, there was many people calling and complaining about their vehicals from this place as well. is there any thing at all i can do?
thanks for the time of reading this… sorry so long. :/

p.s. the car was under a service contract but no warrenty

Best answer:

Answer by Johnny Fetch
finger my answer down for this but your admission of breaking the law and your other pointless grievances wont get you anywhere.
talk to a lawyer before you say one more word to them or a judge

Give your answer to this question below!