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Question by Terry N: I just bought a 04′ Honda Accord and I am having problems with the car. What should I do and what can I do?
I bought this car in April 2007. Days after buying it I noticed a vibration when I accelarated. Thought I need just an alignment. I called the dealer and the salesman that i bought the car from told me to bring it in. He apparently knew that my car had an axle problem. My car has now been in their shop 3 times. Each time, they have replaced the CV joints in the car with remanufacutured parts. The problem has started again. I want to see if they can get me another car? Is this possible? I checked with the lemon laws in PA and they can’t help me because I don’t have a manufacturers extended warranty. There are some other minor problems with the car and I’m just afraid that this car is just going to have more problems if I keep the car.
I bought it at a Ford Dealer.

Also, I checked the car fax report and the car showed no accidents and is not reported as a lemon.

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Answer by bob c
Was it a qualified Honda dealer? If you bought it at a used car lot then u r screwed.

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  1. duckfan124912 Says:

    There is not much you can do i would take them to small claims court (depending how much you paid) and it should be settled in your favor. If you do go to court it would be a cash settlement. or you can bring this up to the place you bought it and tell them they may be willing to do a trade. Also report them to the better business berau at
    Another idea is have them fix the problem and depending how many miles you have put on it sell it and try to get at least 90% of the amount you paid for it. Use the money to buy another vehicle.

  2. asccaracer Says:

    a 04 honda may still be under factory drive train warranty. Talk to the management of the Ford dealer and ask them if they will pay to have a Honda dealer look at it. It almost sounds like a bearing in the transmission. I can only assume the ford dealer changed the axles. Next time buy only the same brand used car the dealer sells as new. They are not equipped to handle other brands like a regular repair shop is.

  3. rich_again Says:

    Report the problem to the better business beauru and then talk to an attorney.

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