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Question by heatherlynnmorrow: A question about becoming a lawyer?
I plan on becoming a criminal defense lawyer. Is it easier to find a job in a firm or start your own business. I hear both are pretty difficult and I know it does depend on how well you do in school. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Cassie
I would also like to become a lawyer,
I am in high school and am currently taking special law classes,

I think pass the Bar,
Go to a firm first,
Its easier i am constltly told,
And then when your REALLY good,
And you have a high rep…

Start your own buisness, And SORE to the top…

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  1. Dem O Crat Says:

    People only start their own firms after they have built successful careers. Otherwise, how are you going to be able to convince a potential client to hire you? Especially a potential client who is facing jail time.

    Only people with the best grades get good offers from good law firms. The rest are fighting for the scraps!

    Do well in your first year of law school and you’ll be okay!!

  2. phoenixheat Says:

    Either start with a firm or become a public defender. It takes a lot of money and no income for a long time to start your own firm.

  3. pink thong Says:

    Hi! if one of your parents or close relatives isn’t a Lawyer – then its a uphill struggle – especially for a women although if you are prepared to degrade yourself and do an Ally McBeal – and use your femine charm – then on you go… Best place to be a Lawyer is Scotland.. come over here – you wont run out of work..!

  4. Ash Says:

    I just graduated law school, so maybe I can help.

    If you want to be a criminal defense lawyer you should start working for the Public Defender’s office in the city you want to work in.
    It is easier to start on your own, but without experience or money it is difficult to last very long. You will gain experience working for Public Defender very quickly without worrying about getting clients.

    Doing well in law school is important. Also, the school you go to is important. While you may be able to start at a defense firm, most graduates go to Public Defender’s office. They are almost always hiring and it is good to hit the ground running.

  5. a_phantoms_rose Says:

    Be in a firm at first and split costs. As you build your clientele, you can go into private practice. Be sure the people you go in with are reputable.
    My grandfather wanted to be a lawyer and finally did at age 39. He practiced for over 50 years and retired at age 89.
    Good luck!!

  6. daddyspanksalot Says:

    First, through out any morals you may have — you will be defending criminals after all. Second, if you get offered a position in a law firm — take it — to make it on your own , you need a reputation. Without a good backround, no one will want to take a chance on a rookie lawyer, so getting with a law firm is your best shot. After you have a record, then think about going on your own. Good luck.

  7. eakili Says:

    Well, I’m not a lawyer but one thing I sh’d advice you is to believe in your determination. Think positively about anything positive that you want to do or become. “Nothing is impossible unless you make it….” You can do it, it can be done, it is possible. Go for it hun.
    Don’t worry about passing your barriers but you just aim to achieve your goal. Challenges are always there to help us realise our potentials and make us feel the difference when we are through to a better stage.

    So many jobs are out there….and I am convinced that you are going to get the most out of school. Therefore, these jobs are yours. IN JESUS NAME…I PRAY…AMEN!!

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