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Question by R: Does working as a volunteer at a law firm count as service?
High, I am filling out a college form and was wondering if a volunteer internship at a law firm would count as service?
By the way, I am a high school senior.
Thank you guys. I have a lot of community service hours (like over 200) the only problem is that the application is kind of vague. I am pretty sure its work experience too but I’ll call to make sure.

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Answer by Equality
No it does NOT. Community Service is performed for a registered charity. As a senior in HS you should know this.

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  1. Maurice Says:

    Community Service can have multiple meanings while a previous post is true to the literal meaning of community service, a college application is simply asking have you done anything worldly besides go to school and come home. I would add the law firm as unpaid experience. If you have done any school social projects…collecting pennies, cleaning the beach or park, volunteering…all these qualify.

  2. Jayne says READ MORE BOOKS Says:

    No – a law firm is a for-profit company. That’s not volunteering anymore than working at McDonald’s but refusing a paycheck would be.

    Community Service and Volunteering by Teens: How to Find Opportunities
    Very detailed information that discusses your many, many options – the usual and many activities you probably never thought of. Includes instructions on how to find specific volunteering opportunities (with animals, with children, just for one day, etc.).

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