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Question by bbbbb32000: What is the worst vehicle you ever owned and why? Mine is a 2007 Dodge Charger!?
My car is 4 months old and has been in the shop 4 times for a total of 27 days and I am awaiting the 5th time, as soon as the engineers can figure out whats wrong with it…Don’t mention the Lemon Law…already talked with a Lawyer.

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Answer by Seth Dove
1993 Chevrolet 1500 Pick-up, It kept eating flywheels. Possibly caused by bent/warped camshaft, didnt wait that long to find out, I sold it at a loss.

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14 Comments to “What is the worst vehicle you ever owned and why? Mine is a 2007 Dodge Charger!?”

  1. Mike M Says:

    Chevy Vega

  2. faith Says:

    Mine was a 1997 Saturn In the years that I had it went through 4 engines, 3 transmissions, and the sunroof leaked, and 3 windows did not work.

  3. Tina Says:

    Mine was a 2000 Kia Sephia.

    Off the lot I had a busted lighter and the passenger side window was REALLY hard to roll down.

    A year later I got the transmission replaced 4 TIMES in ONE year. (Thankfully it was still under warranty).

    The heat barely kept me warm.

    I know, it’s a KIA what’d I expect, right… well, when you’re broke… lol

  4. rcbrokebones Says:

    Funny you would say a Dodge Charger because the worst car i ever owned was also a Dodge Charger Shelby ..but it was a 1984..little car with a 4cylinder engine..that thing looked good but was allways being fixed for one thing or another finally when i had all the kinks out of the engine the transmission went.and because it was a front wheel drive it was going to cost me something like 3 grand to fix it so i just trashed the car..I’ve never had much luck with any Dodge product in the past so since 1995 i’ve never bought another Dodge and never will for the rest of my life..I’ve allways been a Chev man at heart but now i’ve become a true believer in imports ..all the vehicles i will purchase for the rest of my life will be Nissan,Honda,Toyota,Mazda i never hear bad things about these vehicles and i have a Mazda suv and never had a single problem with it..good luck with the Dodge crap

  5. Pedro S Says:

    1997 Saturn…bad ignition system,,,alignment problems…sun roof broke sear belts wouldn’t retract even after it was recalled….was good on gas 36 mpg…

  6. ccgriffin1972 Says:

    Not the worst but definantly a money pit.

    1969 Dodge Charger R/T – general lee.

    Impossible to find good parts and when you do they are expensive as hell.

  7. joystoy33 Says:

    2000 Ford focus.Broke 3 times in first week.Was lucky.Guy gave my money back.

  8. Brad P Says:

    worst? prolly my caprice…but it wasn’t that bad, i loved it. only problem was the tranny went out. Now i have a chevy pickup and it’s sweet.

  9. amy az Says:

    My first car was a 1973 chevy vega I thought that was a piece of garbage until I got my second car a 1969 chevelle it was the tiniest sounding piece of junk both the vega and the chevelle died from frame problems.I haven’t had any luck with fords or imports either.I don’t understand your problem with the charger and you failed to mention what they’ve been. I own a 2005 300c which is the same platform and love it.It would be nice if you said what the problems were it would add credibility to your question.

  10. Marley M Says:

    1998 Dodge Caravan. ALWAYS in the shop. Want a relieble car? My most relieble one was an ’89 Ford Escort. Loved that car.

  11. Yo Renny Says:

    199 4 Ford Tempo was worst best Honda CRV

  12. rick y Says:

    Worst car? 65 Pontiac Bonneville. $ 350. You make the call.

  13. Bumbles Says:

    Of course it was a Chevy…. every chevy I have ever owned dided on me and I baby my cars…. crappy chevys!

  14. mama of 3 Says:

    da-dah-da-dah drum roll please. 99 dodge intrepid 2.7 This is the worst engine ever. Boy dodge sure can make some beautiful cars that aren’t good for any thing besides keeping the kids at the auto parts store busy cuz LAWD knows no one but the dealership wants to work on them. Just google this car and see what I mean I should win this hands down- We just replaced the starter and the cam poistion sensor and now the valves are so noisy it is embarrasing to drive.

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