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Question by leandros03: Is it legal for a employer to deny or reverse resonnable accommodation it has formaly approved to an employee?
The employee was approved reasonable accommodation by the employer after he requested and gave the employer his doctor slip with restrictions. After several months, the employer said could no more go with the reasonable accommodation, is this legal? Is there any law that ban this kind of practice?

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Answer by Janet Pierce
If the employee still requires the accommodation and it would still be deemed reasonable, then yes the employee has a right to get it re-unstated.

That said, they may wish to consider how necessary it is. I needed a 2nd filing cabinet as we used the tall thin ones and other staff would circulate files in and out of my office so each drawer was categorized and when I had to start using a wheelchair I could no longer reach the top drawer.

I was lied to several times – my favorite was there are no more cabinets but I worked for the STATE! There were empties in my building! I finally got one.

Three weeks later, I got fired.

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