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Check out these lemon law images:

lemon law

Image by
This is an illustration from a CALI Lesson by Erik Molinsky. CALI Lessons are interactive study materials that most law students can access for free. See to learn more.

Steph’s Oranges
lemon law

Image by wmacphail
My sister-in-law’s fruitbowl.

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  1. Gunnella Says:

    Love the colours :-)

  2. Gunnella Says:

    Regarding your camera question; *blush* Sony Ericson stick on cameraphone… Am intending to get the Nikon Coolpix 5200 Digital Camera (5MP, 3x Optical Zoom) in a couple of weeks time. Any thoughts? Would you have other recomendations within the same price scale?

  3. rav_rav Says:


  4. taliX Says:

    beautiful arrangement!

  5. wmacphail Says:

    Thanks. The arrangement is the result of Steph’s craftmanship, not mine. I was just the stenographer this time :-)

  6. Nomine UK Says:

    Nice composition. The colours work really well together.

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