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Question by Highly functioning Dingbat: Can you help me with a computer application problem?
I received many legal type forms from a prospective employer. The problem is that after I download them to my computer,my computer wont let me write on these(PDF forms),or sign on them, So, I thought the solution would be to make a copy of them off of my computer and fill them out an mail them back. So I tried this and it copies the entire form except where they need my legal signature. What do I do? I need to get theses forms back to her soon.

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Answer by Jackie
Just sign and date them at the bottom of the page. Explain if you need to.

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    If you have Outlook Express for your primary email account, you could try forwarding them to your Hotmail Account. It seems I am able to do more on my Hotmail Account. My Outlook Express Account seems to be lacking an application which allows me to open certain documents. That’s all I know to do.

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