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Question by Desmond: What is the estimated year we will see moon immigration?
It is possible even by using the resources on the moon.

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Answer by Sai D
Around 2065

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  1. Algo Says:

    An article written in 2006 (referenced below) states that Nasa hopes to have a base on the moon in 20 years, so 2026. Migration to the moon as a population is highly unlikely to ever happen. We may see some businesses try and build vacation spots there, however that is visiting and not migration. Given the effects of space I would not see anyone living there for any long period of time. Last year a female astronaut broke the record for the longest consecutive time in space at 377 days (referenced below).

    The moon has no atmosphere to protect people from the sun’s radiation. Another obstacle could be legal. Space is regulated by international law and while we go up to do experiments, etc. any long-term colony could cause problems in the international community.

    Another thing is why the moon? Building a base and perhaps a space station there is one thing, but again that is not long-term colonization, just trips. Any reason to leave the Earth would be to save the species int he event that this planet is destroyed, and colonizing the moon does not save us from that possibility. Scientists are now looking to Mars as a possible candidate for migration and the moon simply as a testing platform.

    So moon migration? Never.

  2. JabbaB Says:

    This is probably the stupidest thing any scientist ever proclaimed. It, along with CURING cancer, is impossible. It really is. You can’t fix something that isn’t already broken. Cancer is a mutation. Something that happens no matter what. It can be chanced higher if one inhales or consumes carcinogens (cancer causing substances) but cannot be cured. You would have to know exactly which cell started the mutation, and scientists know that is not possible

    The Moon moves away from earth quite a bit after every rotation. The gravity of earth will eventually let it go. Then, well, everything on the moon will freeze, burn, or collide with another planet in between the two. Not fun.

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