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Question by serendipitous_333: What is the best book with which to learn legal research and writing?
I know there are a ton of books out there, but I’m not sure how to choose one. I have a few years experience in litigation case management for a mortgage company but no formal legal education (no paralegal or law courses). I may be seeking a job as a litigation paralegal or clerk, so please keep that in mind with your suggestions. Thanks!

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Answer by Shibi
In many jurisdictions, you will have to be certified as a paralegal. In California, this involves doing the 2-year program and passing the exam, or just taking the exam, or by obtaining some written attestation to your proficiency by a licensed attorney (or two, I cannot remember). The CA Association of Legal Support Professionals could probably tell you what book(s) would be best. They are here:

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  1. Princess Leia Says:

    California requirements re: Paralegals can be found here:

    Under Business & Professions Code:

    ยง6450. Paralegals-Definition; Scope and Limitations of Lawful Activities; Qualifications; Certification

    Your requirements may be different (to be a paralegal) in the state in which you are working/seeking employment.

    As far as books, I don’t think any book will teach you legal research. That is something you can learn in a class (usually held at a law library) or if you want to learn specific programs (Westlaw or Lexis), they will teach you.

    As far as writing, again, that is something you learn in class. But good samples/forms can be found in Matthew Bender’s Pleading & Practice books.

  2. Shane Says:

    The Red Book. What most law students are using and a great guide.

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