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Question by : a detective called me and wants to question me! where can i find a free criminal defense lawyer?
a detective called me today and wants to question me and im not sure why? should i get a lawyer before i talk to him? and if so i need to know where i can find a criminal defense lawyer for free or pro bono

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hhmmm, you’re wise to start with yahoo answers,

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  1. scott b Says:

    You don’t need an attorney until you find out what he wants. Maybe he just wants to ask if you saw something, and you say, “no”. And that’s it. Then, you don’t need an attorney. Maybe they think you committed murder. Then you would.

    Find out what they want, and you always have the right to politely not answer something, or say, “I’ll cooperate fully, but I won’t answer any more questions until I have an attorney present”.

  2. Jojo Says:


  3. Kenneth Says:

    The same place where you would find a free plumer, dentist, painter, etc. Fantasyland.

    You are entitled to a public defender for criminal charges, but not until you are actually charged or arrested. If you want a lawyer with you for a pre-arrest interrogation or questioning, you will need to hire one. Lawyers do not work for free just because you don’t want to pay. No lawyer will work pro-bono to accompany you to a police questioning.

  4. LovesTheConstitution Says:

    You do not have a right to have an attorney appointed until you are charged with a crime.

    It may be in your interest to cooperate and to stop answering questions as soon as you determine they consider you a suspect. Then you say “I am glad to have answered your questions and would like to leave now.” They will then stop and let you go or arrest you. If they arrest you, tell them you will not answer any more questions until you have your lawyer present. Tell the magistrate that you want a lawyer appointed.

    Other than the appointed attorneys provided to criminal defendants, you find free lawyers next to the restaurant with the free meals and across the street from the dealer who gives away cars.

  5. The Questioner Says:

    If you have done nothing wrong, you would not need a lawyer. Did you not ask him, or her why did he want to talk to you.

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