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Question by J J: Can you sue a judge who is obviously biased?
I have a civil suit against a church in the state of FL. It went to court and throughout all the court proceedings the judge was obviously biased and doing everything he could to hinder our case against the church. I am not sure if he somehow has a part in that church (seeing as they are massive and have their fingers everywhere) or if the church has leverage on him (which I wouldn’t doubt after watching lead pastors lie under oath) or what but either way he did everything he could to deny our objections and sustain frivolous objections by the church and some times even object himself in favor of the church. In the end the jury saw through the obvious lies of the church and awarded more than what we asked for. We now have been going through the steps of the church’s motion for a new trial. They’re grounds for a new trial were that a couple of the jurors had previous litigation they did not disclose on their juror selection form (which were lemon law suits and foreclosures) which they did not know needed to be included. My lawyers did their best, but in the end the judge granted them a new trial on those grounds. So after all that my question is this can a judge be sued for being blatantly biased and not impartial? My lawyer has told me that if the appellate courts uphold the decision (which I do not believe they will because we have 4 separate case laws to support our side almost to the t) and we have to have a new trial he will ask that the judge recant himself from the new trial. Is that the most that can be done?
Ok both of your answer are completely ridiculous. I have a serious question and no I am NOT looking for easy money. I was seriously injured due to the negligence of this church. The jury saw that even with the judges actions and awarded me the money. This judge is still doing everything he can to be sure the church does not have to pay a dime to me. I want this judge to get wants coming to him and want him to pay for his actions whether it be in a monetary sense or even if he gets disbarred. I do not care this judge is corrupt and biased and does not need to be practicing law.

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Answer by MikeTL
You have written 3 questions and all 3 questions have to do with Lawsuits. I am betting that you are looking for easy money.

No you cannot sue a judge, they are exempt from law suits. You can file an appeal.

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  1. John Says:

    Ask a judge can you sue a judge that was obviously biased. He will be able to answer your question.

  2. Mistaken Idea Says:

    Yes your lawyer seems to know the right thing to do here.. asking a judge to recant himself is the only option you have. You may file a complaint with the justice department also.. but get all the details from your lawyer first.. you aRe paying him good money I’m assuming? =)

  3. wendy c Says:

    Judges have legal immunity from any lawsuit. End of story.
    You can file a complaint. That isn’t a lawsuit.
    Your attorney needs to explain to you when a complaint can be filed, and when it is a matter of appealing the decision, and being able to prove GROUNDS for an appeal. They often are not what you think.

  4. Joeseph Doakes Says:

    Judges are absolutely immune from a civil suit, so no you cannot sue him successfully. You can ask the judge to recuse himself, but he will be the person to decide that. Judges often don’t want to be an issue in a case so they assign it to someone else. But if he wants to stay on the case, he can.

  5. evilattorney Says:

    You cannot sue a judge for his actions as a judge. You can appeal his rulings and you can file a complaint against him in your jurisdiction’s judicial disciplinary committee.

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