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Question by BKE>: Any lawyers in Austin Texas who specialize in personal injury including…?
Traumatic Brain Injury.
Broken vertebrates (c4)
Neurological injury

If will I would certainly appreciate your help email me at

I had approximately 500K in surgery. (half a million)
I need to get at least 100K + . Considering all Ive been through which include everything from learning how to brush my teeth all over- to walking with a Cain.
I think I have a BAD ASS lawyer but he may have so much on his plate helping others. That he just doesn’t really have time for mine??? Its been 2 yrs and I’m hurting bad.

100K + guys, email Keith

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Answer by DNT
Contact the Austin Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service for a free consultation. They will try to find the best match for your case. Just be aware that walking on the side of a controlled access road in Texas is illegal except in an emergency and lawsuits that are like that are not always successful. But, I had an acquaintance on the other side who was stung for a lot so all hope is not lost. Good luck.

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