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Adam Brock ELIMINATED?! Jessica Sanchez & Colton Dixon advance to American Idol 2012 top 24. American Idol 2/22/12 show review video: COMMENTARY ONLY. In order of appearance: Jen Hirsh (Top 24) Creighton Fraker (Top 24) Lauren Gray (ELIMINATED) Joshua Ledet (Top 24) Blaire Sieber (ELIMINATED) Naomi Gilles (ELIMINATED) Haley Johnsen (Top 24) Neco Starr (ELIMINATED) Clayton Farhat (ELIMINATED) River St. James (ELIMINATED) Caleb Johnson (ELIMINATED) Elise Testone (Top 24) Reed Grimm (Top 24) Erika Van Pelt (Top 24) Chelsea Sorrell (Top 24) Baylie Brown (Top 24) Richie Law (ELIMINATED) Heejun Han (Top 24) Jessica Sanchez (Top 24) Phillip Phillips (Top 24) Colton Dixon (Top 24) Brielle Von Huegel (Top 24) Adam Brock – ELIMINATED or in the top 24? (We will find out tomorrow night) What did you think of this episode of American Idol? Do you think Adam Brock will be eliminated or safe tomorrow? Leave a comment down below. Follow me on Twitter: Watch performances here: ATTENTION FREEMANTLE MEDIA: This video is a review that I created to critique an episode of American Idol. My video has a custom thumbnail that is an enabled feature for YouTube partners. While there are pictures from American Idol, they are photos that I modified in Adobe Photoshop. This is legal under fair use law. My thumbnail is so different from the actual video that it does not look like your content at all. This custom photo is for representative purposes only. I own everything

The B-52’s – LEGAL TENDER Live Rock in Rio 1985 Their first single, “Rock Lobster”, recorded for DB Records in 1978 (see 1978 in music), was an underground success that led to the B-52’s performing at CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City in New York City. “52 Girls” was the B-side. Two versions of the single were released in the UK that featured the B-side “Running Around”. Their debut album, The B-52’s, contained re-recorded versions of “Rock Lobster” and “52 Girls”, along with six more originals and a remake of Petula Clark’s classic “Downtown.” It was eventually certified platinum. The album had greater success overseas, especially in Australia, where it hit #7 on the back of three hit singles: “Planet Claire” (#43), “Rock Lobster” (#3) and “Private Idaho” (#11). “Rock Lobster” gave the band its first entry on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. The follow-up, Wild Planet, reached the Top 20 on the Billboard 200 in 1980 and was certified gold. “Private Idaho” became their second Hot 100 entry; around this time the B-52’s performed a breakout set on Saturday Night Live and were featured at the Heatwave festival in August 1980. Party Mix! was released next, a remix album that took tracks from the first two LPs and presented them in extended forms. [edit] Mid-point Although recording sessions with David Byrne (of Talking Heads) failed, the recordings were released as the Mesopotamia EP in 1982 (Party Mix! and Mesopotamia would later be combined and released together on a single CD). The
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Comments to “Adam Brock ELIMINATED?! Top 24 Forms! American Idol 2/22/12 SHOW REVIEW!”

  1. slendora321 Says:

    OMG? I remeber you!

  2. HEYDuDE607 Says:

    lol at 2:40?

  3. zebracrunk Says:

    You were right? about a “shocking elimination”, as that’s what we got tonight. The new video is up, if you’re interested.

  4. ppau008 Says:

    I agree mate, 2 hours of shit before we get to the nitty sux. I also agree that Adam will stay and then we’ll get our idol hearts ripped out with some shocking eliminations before the public get their way with the remains. love your channel dude?

  5. palomino1127 Says:

    david leathers is gonna leave?

  6. palomino1127 Says:

    he’s not gonna? get eliminated

  7. zebracrunk Says:

    You’re one of the people? who actually went to my channel to see which country I’m from, so good on you for that. A part of my voice definitely sounds Canadian, but the robotic/monotone way I speak in addition to how certain words are pronounced (other than out/about) aren’t from location. Thanks for liking my videos, it’s great to hear. I hope to promote them on AI forums or something, since a loyal viewer as yourself X 100 would make for a great season of discussion.

  8. zebracrunk Says:

    He seems like? a 2012 version of Andrew Garcia after realizing that tattoos and plaid aren’t cool at his age. I’m not a fan either, he’s too emotional at this stage of the competition.

  9. zebracrunk Says:

    Thanks! I love? the theme of your channel, it’s very professional.

  10. ENTV Says:

    Nice posters!

  11. JulietTony10 Says:

    I can’t stand? adam brock

  12. TheBobbsey Says:

    ok zebra went to your channel you are a canadian, i am australian, and pride myself on getting who is american and who is canadian. its all in the accent, and certain words you use, and yes i do have a life,? i just like to hear your comments on the show. I prefer “The Voice” myself lol

  13. TheBobbsey Says:

    i dont sit around i just wait? for your reviews. lol

  14. TheBobbsey Says:

    everything you? just said, i 100%. Are you a canadian?

  15. likemeorfuckoff Says:

    I smashed my TV set after seeing you did reviews.?

  16. zebracrunk Says:

    Thanks for the support, you’re now on the list of cool people. (Those who? comment on my videos)

  17. zebracrunk Says:

    I saw a few different ones, in? addition to people commenting “this person got through!” without a source.

  18. element00x Says:

    The list i had leaked for over a month? now has been 100% correct, so idk which lists u saw bro.

  19. LightlyLexi Says:

    Haha it’s alright, she’s used to it (with me and our 18-year-old sister around) and she knows not to say it /at least when? her mom’s around../
    Anyway, no problem, your videos are great! Started watching them when you did X Factor reviews !

  20. zebracrunk Says:

    I was going? to trail off with the “shhhhh….” before I realized how stupid I would sound. If your sister isn’t offended by swear words, thank her (and yourself) for watching!

  21. LightlyLexi Says:

    Ack! I was watching this with my little sister and you said shit and I like yelped and my sister (she’s 8) was like “:O”
    Bahahaha, anyway, I think Adam Brock? will get in to please all the viewers.

  22. zebracrunk Says:

    I know what you mean. Finally, we can soon stop wondering who so-and-so is and how they made it so far without an? introduction.

  23. patrickcc112 Says:

    I think he’ll stay. And I liked this episode. As I mentioned in a previous comment on one of your older videos, I enjoy when the number of participants in American Idol lower. It’s easier to keep? up with each one haha. I can actually manage 24

  24. famq161180 Says:

    Que show? fantástico.

  25. romulofaco Says:

    KKKKKKK Acho que fui o único que gostou da? tradução. Achei da horinha.

  26. mvce10 Says:

    Esse show foi muito bom e eu dancei tanto, que na apresentação do Queen, o último show do dia e após um certo atraso na entrada deles no palco, eu? tava acabado.

  27. joatoga Says:

    Meu filho de 11 anos, curte comigo os grandes anos do rock. Eu o ensino e cativo desde o ventre de sua mãe. Ele fica espantado com a “galera” emo e? seus pseudo emo rock (blarg). Curtimos creedance, janis, Doors; Queen, Priest e por aí vai.
    Que Deus o conserve neste (bom) caminho. e que os deuses do rock nos inspirem sempre.
    Save the rock.

  28. joatoga Says:

    A década de 80 foi o bicho para o rock. Não nego, nem renego os anos 70, muito menos os áureos anos 60. Era “sexo – droga e rock’n rol” hoje, pqp, trata-se punheta – ice e re-start (nem sei se é assim que se escreve isto). Como descrevê-los, todos? nós sabemos.
    Abraços rockers do Brasil.

  29. mazely Says:

    Que tradução pavorosa.?

  30. albertosardini Says:


  31. Betunyan Says:

    Ai como eu queria voltar no? tempo, tempos bons eram bandas de verdade,melhor rock in rio q ja teve, scorpions,barao vermelho,blitz, AC/DC, guns in rose, queen ,puta merda oo tempo bom ,tempo em q a moçada curtia musica boa ,tempos q ficam guardados na memoria pra sempre

  32. albertchristophe Says:

    Eu estava lá,? colado no palco! I was there!!!!

  33. igelixo Says:

    Muito boa a? tradução.

  34. FernandoPixies Says:

    bafunfa? quente = gangster president?

  35. jonathanrnr Says:

    O melhor Rock in Rio de todos os tempos com? certeza!

  36. kaze6 Says:

    Eu fuiiiiiiiii assistir o b52’s no rock in rio 1!! tava ? ai no meio do povo kk

  37. MenezesMarta1 Says:

    Eu fui e dancei muito com elas!
    Legal Tender? é um clássico.
    Grande Rock in Rio foi aquele, hj é cada coisa sem noção e que não tem nada a ver com Rock…pobre geração que não tem opção. Ou tem, não vai que eles param de trazer porcarias ou de incluir os cantores bregas contratatos da rede bobo!
    A moçada de hj precisa fazer pressão prá vir o que é bom. Enquanto lotarem shows de Justin Bieber e Lady Gaga..sem chances.

  38. xXxRafaelRocksxXx Says:

    Cara excelente trampo na tradução, musica tinha que ser traduzida assim, porque no multishow é cada coisa bizarra que aparece, quem tá reclamando é fácil, manda achar o video original e traduzir do jeito que quiser né 😀 Abraços cara! Saudades? de um Rock in Rio que morreu

  39. albertosardini Says:

    EU FUI..?

  40. zecacu Says:

    Tinha um Gurgel X12 no palco! WTF!!??? hahahahah

  41. Ramshackled17 Says:

    The bass guitar? is completely out of tune.

  42. Lucasvicenteable Says:

    A música legal tender do B 52 é muito contagiante e as cantoras são muito atraentes no clip, ainda hoje gosto? de ver no you tube.

  43. ChutesandJammers Says:

    WOW! Hell yeah! Love the B52’s. Listening to a lot of B52’s, Blondie, Hey You!, Joan Jett, No Doubt, and Patti Smith. We need more rockin’ girls in 2011 !!!!

    Hey You! is still pretty new, but they’re waaaay dope. But they’ve got a? cute chick singer and she ROCKS hard! you should check em out…

    type in “hey you band taking over”

  44. CCD80 Says:

    Anos? 80…new wave…bons tempos que não voltam mais…como é bom recordar…o maior show de rock brasileiro e um dos maiores do mundo….quem viu, viu…quem nunca viu não verá jamais…e para quem viu virou uma lenda….
    Abs, Clóvis CD

  45. kitfestanews Says:

    Como alguém tem coragem de não gostar de uma obra prima dessas? – Só? quem viveu os anos 80, new wave, etc, para saber como foi! – Tempo bom que jamais voltatrá! – Parabéns pelo vídeo!

  46. Zekitcha2 Says:

    Fala, conterrâneo. Anos 80 foram difíceis, o Brazil tava numa m… sem fim. Mas a gente se divertia, Eu tinha 25 anos na época do Rock in Rio, e já era fã de longa data do B-52 (ouvi em 1979 pela primeira vez), assim como eu curtia Ramones desde 1977, etc. Até hoje, curto toda a parafernália PUNK, mas curto outras coisas mais light também. O Rock in Rio hoje é puro apelo comercial. Ivete, Cláudia Leite, etc, tudo máquina de fazer dinheiro para o Sr. Medina. Uma? pena!

  47. marcosrougemadman Says:

    Caramba eu fui no AC/DC,OZZY, mas vi pela TV. Tinha 17 anos, e sempre fico emocionado qdo? vejo os videos do Rock in Rio-85. Cara que época incrível, acho q nunca mais vai rolar igual. grd abç!!

  48. marcosrougemadman Says:

    Zekitcha2, vc só nos dá alegria. Nao esquenta com os que só? ficam reclamando disso ou daquilo. Cara mt bom rever tudo isso, era só alegria nessa época. Valeu mesmo véio!!!!!

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