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Question by Peace by Blinding Fries: how do the rich and famous deal with frivolous lawsuits from personal injury lawyers?
Sometimes I’m happy that I’m not rich, I hear all the time how someone is suing a celebrity or sports figure, for millions of dollars for reasons like “He stepped on my foot” or “He stole my parking spot” or “She said something rude to me while I was trying to get her picture”. I know that these cases are typically thrown out of court… But there must be so many of them,. all demand time and money. How do high-profile rich people deal with the constant stream of frivolous personal injury lawsuits? Do they have a legal team working 24/7? Do they make everybody they come in contact with sign a waiver of some kind? How is this nuisance dealt with??
ummmmmmmmmmmmm because maybe some of you are LAWYERS?

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Answer by airjarrod
If we were rich and famous, we wouldn’t be on here, so how would any of us know?

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  1. P H Says:

    They have someone who opens their mail and refers it to their attorney, who then goes through the process of having the suits dismissed as frivolous.

    You don’t need a lawyer working fulltime, just someone on retainer (that is, you pay them an up front fee, which covers you for a minimum number of hours work). So if you give your attorney $ 6000 at the beginning of the year, you’re covered for 20 hrs of work at $ 300/hr. And that’s probably enough to get 3 or 4 stupid suits dismissed.

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