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Jesse James Hollywood and Alpha Dog Movie pt 2

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney James Blatt’s client Jesse James Hollywood appears on CNN News and the motion picture Alpha Dog, which is based on his alleged murder plot, is reviewed. The Law Offices of James Blatt handles all felony and misdemeanor criminal matters including drug crimes, violent crimes, white collar crimes, restraining orders, theft crimes, sex crimes, DUI, expungements and more. You can contact James Blatt at or by calling (818) 986-4180.
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25 Comments to “Jesse James Hollywood and Alpha Dog Movie pt 2”

  1. JDubya2k Says:

    good point?

  2. MrWeeedz Says:

    He killed someone over a few hundred bucks??

  3. MustacheStashCash Says:

    yo i watch this is get pissed, if i had the life these guys had the last fuckin thing id do is try to sell drugs and kill niggas, you do that if you got to, these guys just did it just to act cool, suburban bitches, stop acting like you came out the projects just cus you seen us project folk actin hard on the tv, some of us would neva be this way if we had the? privliages you all had. It aint cool, we would all switch lives with you guys in a heart beat, real talk

  4. AngstFisch Says:

    What’s the deal with troubled american youth? and tec-9s?

  5. 1998disco72 Says:

    they need to stop listening to rap music and realize they are a bunch of? turds who need the death penalty! Too bad that this did not happen in Texas! because this state does not mess around with murderers!!

  6. 14sk8t Says:


  7. 1998disco72 Says:

    That is why? they join

  8. NWDAMU503 Says:

    thats? how every one in the valley is a bunch of soft wannabe gansters the valley is the in the twilight zone dis type of shit happens every day in the hood nobody cares lol wut makes this so special

  9. moznico Says:

    WOW! This happens alot in some areas of the “scary? part of town” nothing new…just another lesson for those that can’t handle the game…It’s names are different but the situation is the same…Pay ur debts folks…sum dealers are never lenient…Just sayin’,,,

  10. googlewhores Says:

    most people? who are in gangs are cowards

  11. JoanIsNotTheMaid Says:

    Rest assured, Hollywood is portrayed very much as a wimp and coward in? the film.

  12. aussierunner Says:

    Wat? da hell peps talkin bout Manson and Hollywood in a fight Jesse is like 27 Manson is like 60 Jesse fuck him up wat people talkin bout lil pussy gangster garentee nun of u would say dat to him face to face

  13. VoDKaDEANO89 Says:

    jesse james? hollywood is the man

  14. DSYPOWORLD Says:


  15. woowoo1967 Says:

    wow, you? are pathetic……

  16. sarahmcook Says:

    I didn’t say they were equal in terms of power i was just giving an example of someone? who was in prison for murders other people actually committed.

  17. muttonbuster Says:

    Both equally repulsive individuals buy Hollywood isn’t even? worth a second look. The fact that they made a movie glorifying him is laughable and so wannabe ghetto. Hollywood is so badass. Right. Throw that boy into Manson’s cell in the Corcoran SHU, and ‘ol Charlie would twist his brain like a pretzel, break him down, and get him to cry like a baby.

  18. muttonbuster Says:

    No offense, but Charlie and this punk shouldn’t even be mentioned together in the same paragraph. Manson was a cult? leader. His followers came to him freely and wanted to kill for him. All Hollywood did was strongarm someone who owed him a debt through fear to kill for him. The Manson family on the other hand committed dozens of murders. They’re both sickos who deserve to be locked up as being dangers to society, but Manson was many times more powerful.

  19. sehoujay Says:

    YOU ARE? 100% CORRECT. If you mess with the bull, you’ll get the HORNS!

  20. sarahmcook Says:

    Have you ever heard of Charles Manson. He never directly killed anyone. He’s still in prison of the killngs his followers carried out because he told? them to.

  21. MithosMX Says:

    Are you insane? the boy was killed because hollywood wanted? him to be dead

  22. halogeek47 Says:

    hoyt killed the boy hollywood had nothing to do with the direct death of the kid.i ask how can he be convicted of the murder? dont you have? to do the killing to be convicted for the killing?

  23. kanonier77 Says:

    I hate fucking? gangs and all that shit,but agree with you,bud.

  24. ethicomm Says:

    If you play with the big boys then pay your debt.? Not excusing Hollywood or his friends but the older Markowitz should have paid his bloody debts. It’s his fault his younger brother is dead.

  25. BRONROMANICK3637 Says:

    They were young & dumb. Also brainwashed by JJH. So dumb they? did not know their history. That the dead body will always be found[except Jimmy Hoffa & Natalee Holloway] Fools always think they can beat the system, that’s 1 of the reasons they did it. Fools keep repeating the bad part of history, cause they don’t know or choose to NOT LISTEN.

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