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Question by Alex: How do Law Firms usually make a job offer?
I had a callback interview and would like to know if, in the case the Law Firm decides to make me an offer, I should expect a phone call or an envelope in the mail…

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Answer by larrydaffern
Not necessarily. Some law firms do not send rejection letters, they just fade away. You have no right to a letter or phone call so don’t push it. If they like you they will call you and vice versa.

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  1. ByAnyMeans Says:

    Whether or not you receive a written job offer or an offer over the phone depends on the law firm.

    You could receive both. More than likely, the firm will offer you the position over the phone and then follow that up with a written job offer detailing the specifics of the position, benefits, etc.

  2. The Interview Coach Says:

    They will usually phone you and follow up with a formal letter offering you the job and outlining the conditions of employment. You can be proactive and follow up with them to find out the status of your application. This creates a positive and enthusiastic impression. For detailed advice on how to follow up and what to ask go to the website below

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