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Question by : Anywhere I can get free legal help?
I’m a poor woman with few resources and I need legal help. I was taken advantage of by an ex to the tune of 18k. Being poor, that’s a whole lot of money to me. Are there any organizations or lawyers out there willing to help…? I have tried the Southern Poverty Law Center and Legal Aid. They both said my case was outside what they do.

I am desperate as this will impact the rest of my life. I can’t continue to pay $ 300 a month towards my ex’s debt, especially when he walked away with everything. I’m well aware I can file bankruptcy, but I don’t have money to hire a lawyer for that either. I also would prefer not be to punished again for something that wasn’t my fault.

I lived in Georgia with my ex and I now live in Ohio. I’m unsure which state I would need to file in.


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Answer by cdabexx
Most cities and towns have free places called Legal Services where law students help you best they can. They might even be better than a ‘real lawyer’ because they are young and ‘on the way up’ and want to make a name for the future when they get money for what they do.

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  1. Sorry Charlie Says:

    A lawyer may take your case on free of charge if you explain your situation. Or they may set up a deal so that you only have to pay them if you win. Contact your State’s Bar Association to find out who is in your area.

  2. Emma Bail Says:

    There are so many bankruptcy attorney’s which can helps you to filing for bankruptcy in a very few rates.As you see that your financial condition is too much of weak that you can not afford the lawyer so bankruptcy attorney’s is the best way for you.i don’t know where you live but i know one bankruptcy attorney in the california who provides the very good service in a really a poor rates.Here i give a link just go through it you will surely get all the information about it is

  3. Paul Says:

    Sounds to me you need a start up point. Somewhere you can go and do some research and find out exactly what you need to do. Check out This will be a big help I assure you.

  4. crbesq Says:

    An attorney will take payments. Nearly all consumer bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations. Take advantage of this to meet with one and get advice based on all of the details of your particular situation. You can find a referral at (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys).

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