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Other Segments to Law Enforcement

By: James Hunt

Law enforcement is a very broad area and it encompasses many things. People make the misconception that law enforcement simply means police. While this is true there are other people besides for police officers that play an active role in the law enforcement world.

Lawyers and attorneys can also be considered part of law enforcement. In the area of law enforcement the job of district attorney is a big job. This is the person who prosecutes the people that the police arrest for breaking the law. If these people do not do their job to the best of their ability then the person who has broken the law will be free to once again walk the streets and possibly break the law again. Connected with this area of law enforcement are the lawyers that defend those that are being charged with some crime.

Another area of law enforcement is that of security guards. If there was no crime then we wouldn’t need security guards or any other law enforcement personnel. Security guards are people who are hired to protect stores and malls and other businesses. These people do have the power to arrest law breakers in some way. If a law has been broken then a security guard has the power to detain the person who has broken the law until the police arrive. They can question the person in question of breaking the law. There is a misconception that these members of the law enforcement community are not trained professionals, and they have been called want to be cops. This is not the case. They do have to take part in some form of training from a recognized institution. Therefore they should not be considered want to be anything.

There are other segments to law enforcement as well, such as neighbourhood watch programs. The members of these organizations work in conjunction with the police and other law enforcement officials to ensure that the laws are not being broken.

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